👉   Play freely and build endless fun at home with STEMFIE, the free 3D-printable educational toy   👈 

STEMFIE is a free educational construction set toy you can download and make using a 3D printer at home. Each component is part of a mechanical ecosystem of compatible shapes designed to interlock through various connections and fasteners.

The shape and orientation of every STEMFIE file are optimized for 3D printing on a filament-based 3D printer. The STEMFIE project is open-sourced to the community; you can download all files from stemfie.org/download.

The story 

As a child, my favorite pastime was playing with construction set toys. I loved inventing machines and fondly remember when my father and I played with MECCANO for hours, building the most incredible contraptions. So playfully, he gave me the tools and opportunity to experience the joy of being an inventor!

I use various 3D software and 3D printers in my profession. Back in 2017, I started thinking of designing a 3D-printable version of my childhood favorite toy. After carrying this idea in my mind for a while, I began prototyping and defining this new toy's scale and dimensional standard.

The result was the combination of my passion for construction sets and 3D printing, which became a toy I named STEMFIE, a hypocorism of the acronym S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

My father, Pedro, gave me the joy of being a creator! I now want to share this with you, all the children and makers in the world – hoping that you will find the same joy as I have in playing with it, learning, and, most importantly, being an inventor! 

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Creator and curator of the STEMFIE Project




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  • Q: What are the recommended print settings for STEMFIE?
  • A: I designed @Stemfie3D to 3D-print optimally, using standard print settings on filament-based 3D printers, such as the following:
    • Material: PLA filament
    • Layer height: 0.2 mm
    • Perimeters (shells): 2
    • Top solid layer count: 4
    • Bottom solid layer count: 3
    • Infill: 15%
    • Generic print speed: 50 mm/s
  • Q: Should I use support structures in my printer's slicing software?
  • A: No. Every STEMFIE STL file is designed to print without support structures. 
  • Q: How many files and what types of parts will be published, and when?
  • A: The STEMFIE project contains many tested parts that will soon be ready for publishing. The construction kit has a vast ecosystem of components similar to traditional mechanical playsets. All STEMFIE parts will be gradually published on STEMFIE.org via get.stemfie.org and STEMFIE.org/cloud.
  • Q: What are the license terms of the STEMFIE project?
  • A: Read about the license here.
  • Q: How is the name STEMFIE pronounced?
  • A: STEMFIE is a diminutive of the acronym STEM and is pronounced as "selfie," which relates to the word "self."

STEMFIE Logotype and Press kit

This link lets you download the STEMFIE logotype in vector- and pixel format.





Quick-print sample

STEMFIE.org Quick print sample shoulder screw pin nut washers brace

The STEMFIE Quick-print Sample file is an easy way to test a few STEMFIE parts and fasteners. You can also check the STEMFIE Calibration File for more elaborate types of fasteners.



STEMFIE is a free, open-source, 3D-printable construction set toy that helps children learn STEM! Download the files freely, and please support my efforts to expand this project.