👉   Play freely and build endless fun at home with STEMFIE, the free 3D-printable educational toy   👈 

The idea of designing a 3D-printable construction set has been on my mind for many years, and I am excited to finally be able to show you the first project made of STEMFIE parts. It is a simple example of a rubber-band-driven car. It is easy to 3D-print and build and fun to play with. 

You can download all the files from the link below. Please let me know what you think of it. Through social media, I'll be following the hashtag #Stemfie3D.

I will release many more projects and continuously upload and share the complete parts. In addition, I'll use this newsletter and social media to announce new file releases.

I hope you enjoy 3D printing and building the STEMFIE car. Stay tuned!

Paulo Kiefe

Quick-print sample

STEMFIE.org Quick print sample shoulder screw pin nut washers brace

The STEMFIE Quick-print Sample file is an easy way to test a few STEMFIE parts and fasteners. You can also check the STEMFIE Calibration File for more elaborate types of fasteners.



STEMFIE is a free, open-source, 3D-printable construction set toy that helps children learn STEM! Download the files freely, and please support my efforts to expand this project.