The STEMFIE rubber-band-driven car is easy and quick to build and demonstrates energy retention and controlled release to achieve motion. The inspiration for this design is borrowed from science classes in schools, using the mousetrap car. 


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< 140 x 140 mm

 A short piece of string and three small rubber bands 15 minutes

Spanner (SPN-TOL-0004)

Driver (SPN-TOL-0001)


Parts list

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Build plates

SPS 000001 assembly step0 build plates

👉  Download the complete set of files here  👈


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Assembly steps

SPS 000001 assembly step0 tools

SPS 000001 assembly step1

SPS 000001 assembly step2

SPS 000001 assembly step3

SPS 000001 assembly step4

SPS 000001 assembly step5

SPS 000001 assembly step6

SPS 000001 assembly step7

SPS 000001 assembly step8


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