This STEMFIE project builds a small Christmas tree you can assemble in under 15 minutes and decorate using colored STEMFIE fasteners.

STEMFIE Desktop Christmas Tree On table SPS 000002

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< 140 x 140 mm

 None 15 minutes

Spanner (SPN-TOL-0004)

Driver (SPN-TOL-0001)


Parts list

SPS 000001 assembly step0 parts list

Download the STEMFIE files below by right-clicking on a link and saving it on your computer. You can also download the ready-made build plates.

Build plates

SPS 000001 assembly step0 build plates

Right-click and save the following build plates (.3mf file format).


The files for this and several other STEMFIE projects are available from the central web file repository. Also, if you prefer to have the files synchronized to your computer, consider subscribing to the STEMFIE cloud repositories. For instance, you can clone the STEMFIE GitHub File Repository to your local hard drive and get all updates when you synchronize. 

Assembly steps

SPS 000001 assembly step0 tools

SPS 000001 assembly step1

SPS 000001 assembly step2

SPS 000001 assembly step3

SPS 000001 assembly step4

SPS 000001 assembly step5

SPS 000001 assembly step6

SPS 000001 assembly step7

SPS 000001 assembly step8

SPS 000001 assembly step8


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