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Mett the STEMFIE Infinity Gears project. It is an educational playset containing a set of gears that demonstrate the mechanical principle of gear reduction through six steps. Each module features two gears on one axle: the small gear with 17 teeth and the large gear with 58, resulting in a 3.41 gear reduction.

This project uses a geared electrical TT Motor to drive the array of gears. The power supply uses a standard USB connection that can be connected to a power bank or USB port. 

Download the 3D printing files freely, and acquire the TT Motor via this project's page at MakerWorld.

Quick-print sample

STEMFIE.org Quick print sample shoulder screw pin nut washers brace

The STEMFIE Quick-print Sample file is an easy way to test a few STEMFIE parts and fasteners. You can also check the STEMFIE Calibration File for more elaborate types of fasteners.



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