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A first test of making spur gears for STEMFIE having the center hole shaped as the STEMFIE nut. This makes it easier to use the same spur gear part for driving or freewheeling use, depending on the type of center hole insert. (


2023 07 11 STEMFIE Spur Gears WIP3

2023 07 11 STEMFIE Spur Gears WIP4

Quick-print sample

STEMFIE.org Quick print sample shoulder screw pin nut washers brace

The STEMFIE Quick-print Sample file is an easy way to test a few STEMFIE parts and fasteners. You can also check the STEMFIE Calibration File for more elaborate types of fasteners.

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2023 12 06 STEMFIE online viewer

Check out the STEMFIE web app prototype to browse, view, and download parts (Github).