STEMFIE is a new extensive ecosystem of modular parts which can be freely downloaded and produced inexpensively by anyone who has access to a 3D printer. This educational toy is, therefore, perfect for use within STEM classes and anyone who wants to learn technology by playing.

The STEMFIE components connect and function within a predefined modular dimensional standard. Each 3D file's orientation and geometry is optimized for manufacturing on affordable 3D printers – as commonly found in schools and homes.

The first project and downloadable STL 3D files will be released soon. Stay tuned and be the first to know when to get them for free, by subscribing to the STEMFIE newletter, as well as following this new toy on social media and the popular file-sharing sites.

Download and 3D-print the sample file

As a first teaser, the image above shows a preview of the two most common fasteners used to join parts in this new toy. You can download the STL file for the sample parts in this image, and give it a try on your 3D printer. Please share your results and tag them with #Stemfie3D. :)