The files in the STEMFIE construction set are named according to the structure described below:

Beam STR ESS BU05x01x01 - SPN-BEM-0042 (


Part type Structure Variations Dimension - Unique STEMFIE Part Number (Project Home URL).filetype

  • Part type

    • Describes the type of part, such as being a beam, brace, fastener, spring, etc.
  • Structure Variations

    • These abbreviations define variations of the type of part, such as how the endings are square or rounded; if there is a joint, etc.
  • Dimension

    • The dimension defines the size of the part, described in the number (or fractions) of STEMFIE block units (BU = 12.5 mm). The usual order is Length x Width x Height x Variations; it contains values with trailing extra zeros for clear listing in file folders. Some part dimensions may describe the size in mm.
  • Unique STEMFIE Part Number

    • This number is the unique identifier for any STEMFIE part (SPN) or STEMFIE project set (SPS).
  • Project Home URL

  • Filetype

    • The trailing extension defines the type of file; such as .stl, stepz, .step, .FCStd, .svg, .pdf, etc.