Please revisit this page for future release of the STEMFIE dimensional standard.

The files in the STEMFIE construction set are named according to the structure described below:

Beam STR ESS BU05x01x01 - SPN-BEM-0042 (


Part type Structure Variations Dimension - Unique STEMFIE Part Number (Project Home URL).filetype

  • Part type

    • Describes the type of part, such as being a beam, brace, fastener, spring, etc.
  • Structure Variations

    • These abbreviations define variations of the type of part, such as how the ends are square or rounded; if there is a joint, etc.
  • Dimension

    • The dimension defines the size of the part, described in the number (or fractions) of STEMFIE block units (BU = 12.5 mm). The usual order is Length x Width x Height x Variations; it contains values with trailing extra zeros for clear listing in file folders. Some part dimensions may describe the size in mm.
  • Unique STEMFIE Part Number

    • This number is the unique identifier for any STEMFIE part (SPN) or STEMFIE project set (SPS).
  • Project Home URL

  • Filetype

    • The trailing extension defines the type of file; such as .stl, stepz, .step, .FCStd, .svg, .pdf, etc.


Within the names of STEMFIE parts, there are abbreviations such as described below:

Definition Abbreviation
Adaptor ADT
Alternating ALT
Angle AGL
Angled AGD
Asymmetric ASYM
Barbed BRD
Barrel BRL
Beam BEM
Bearing BRN
Bearing Shaft BRNS
Bidirectional BDR
BlockUnit BU
BlockUnit Hole BUH
Both Ends BE
Box-section BXS
Brace BRC
Bracket BRK
Bridged BRG
Cam-Locking CL
Cap Nut CPN
Centered CNT
Connector CON
Corner CRN
CounterSunk Head CSH
Cross CRS
Diameter DIA
Double-End DE
Driver DVR
End Round Round ERR
End Round Square ERS
End Square Square ESS
End Right-hand Thread Right-hand Thread ERHRH
End Right-hand Thread Square ERHS
Female F
Fixed FXD
Flat FLT
Four-Way 4W
Free FRE
Full Length FL
Gear GER
Ground GND
Headed HDD
Hexagonal HEX
Holder HLD
Inner INR
Insert ISR
Joint Mortice & Tenon JM&T
Joint Mortice Centered JMC
Joint Mortice Double-ended JMDE
Joint Mortice Single-ended JMSE
Joint Tenon Single-ended JTSE
Lap Joint LJT
Laying LAY
Locating LCT
Longitudinal Tread LTRD
Male M
One-Way 1W
Outer OUT
Pinhead PH
Plain PLN
Pulley PLY
Recessed RSD
Recessed Head RSDH
Revolution REV
Right RHT
Right-Hand Thread RH
Rotor RTR
Rounded Head RHD
Screw SCR
Sequential SQT
Shaft SFT
Shallow Head SH
Shank SNK
Shim SHM
Shouder Screw SSC
Sign SGN
Single-Ended SE
Slanted SLTD
Slottet SLT
Spacer SPR
Sphere SPH
Spring SPG
Spring Pin SPP
Stand STN
Standard STD
Standing STA
Straight STR
Surface SFC
Symmetric SYM
Template TPL
Thickness T
Thin THN
Thread Eye THREYE
Threaded Rod THR
Three-Way 3W
Through-Hole TRH-H
Traversal Tread TTRD
Two-Way 2W
U-shaped USH
Unidirectional UDR
Washer WSR
Wedge WDG
Wheel WHL


This file contains an assortment of commonly used STEMFIE construction set parts in different sizes which are nested into a compact build plate measuring less than 140 x 140 x 140 mm (5 ½ inches squared). The file will fit comfortably in most 3D-printers' build volume.

Start by importing this file into your 3D-printer's software. All components are oriented to 3D-print optimally without support structures. Please make sure to have a flat, clean build plate and calibrate it well.

If you are using a filament-based 3D-printer (FDM/FFF), the following settings are recommended for making STEMFIE parts.

Skapa modul recommended settings for 3D-printing STEMFIE parts

Material: PLA filament
Layer height: 0.2 mm
• Perimeters (shells): 2
• Top solid layer count: 4
• Bottom solid layer count: 3
• Infill: 15%
• Generic print speed: 50 mm/s

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Have fun 3D-printing STEMFIE and inventing your unique project builds!

Paulo Kiefe :-)