This is the official homepage of the STEMFIE project – the 3D-printable and open construction set toy you can download and make at home – for free! Please read the message in the box below.


Never stop making and inventing!

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You are visiting a preliminary version of the web page. Please stay tuned and register to the STEMFIE newsletter and be the first to know about updates and the release of the full set of 3D-printable files.


  • Q: What are the recommended print settings for STEMFIE?
  • A: I designed @Stemfie3D to 3D-print optimally, using standard print settings on filament-based 3D-printers, such as the following:
    • Material: PLA filament
    • Layer height: 0.2 mm
    • Perimeters (shells): 2
    • Top solid layer count: 4
    • Bottom solid layer count: 3
    • Infill: 15%
    • Generic print speed: 50 mm/s
  • Q: How many files, what types of part will be published, and when?
  • A: The STEMFIE project contains many parts which are currently 3D-modelled and soon will be ready for publishing. The construction kit has a vast ecosystem of components similar to traditional mechanical playsets. All parts will be gradually published here on, having the central file repository via – where users can browse all part and download them. 

STEMFIE Logotype and Presskitt

You can download the STEMFIE logotype in vector- and pixel-format from this link.

Download the STEMFIE logo and press kit